2016 Presidential Elections



This year’s presidential election has been one of the most interesting, controversial event ever! Scandals, “he said, she said”, lies, cover-ups and more! Despite who you voted for, the important thing is that you voted and that we, in this free country, had the opportunity to vote.

It was estimated that a jaw-dropping $6.8 billion dollars were spent on this years election campaign! http://www.cbsnews.com/news/election-2016s-price-tag-6-8-billion/

We saw more people out voting than ever before here in St. George Utah! We hope you all got out and did your part, and we hope everyone shows respect towards the people that voted for the other candidates.

God bless the USA!

Best Pawn Shop in St. George Utah


Discount Pawn has quickly rose to become St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop! Thanks to our customers, of course.

But why is Discount Pawn the best? Why is everyone choosing Discount Pawn over all other pawn shops? The answer is so simple: We stick to the basics!

Discount Pawn doesn’t forget who keeps us in business. We know what works and we stick to it. So, what are the basics?

  • Customer service. This is the absolute most important concept of running a business. We value our customers over anything else. If you, as a customer, are unsatisfied, we will do all that we can to take care of you. We usually reply to emails outside of normal business hours. Our manager once replied to a desperate email of a customer who needed to get his power tools out before 5:00am the next morning, so he traveled 45 minutes from home to go open up the shop on a Sunday so that the customer could pick them up. Customer service is at the top of our agenda!
  • Honesty. This family owned business will deal with you in an honest way. You can count on us to treat you fair.
  • Speed. You won’t need worry about long lines and waiting for extended periods of times to complete a transaction. Granted, every once in a while we will be busier than normal, but you won’t find us standing around. We are here to serve our customers.
  • Great Prices. Discount Pawn is the only pawn shop that offers you TOP dollar AND sells items at the lowest prices! Our prices wont be beat!
  • Cleanliness. Here at Discount Pawn in St. George, you will find a happy, clean environment that we are constantly up keeping. We are not your typical, cluttered, dim-lit pawn shop.
  • 30 Day Store Credit Warranty. We understand that sometimes second hand items tend to not last that long, that is why we offer a 30 day in store credit warranty on most items. We want you to be happy with your product.
  • Giving Back to you. If you aren’t following us online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) then you need to! We are constantly giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes! We have given away brand new guns, TVs, Silver coins, gift cards, store credit, DVDs, iPods and more! Again, we value you guys and we love to give back when we can.

Check out our online ratings. We have THE MOST POSITIVE RATINGS IN ALL OF UTAH for Pawn Shops. We have grown to be St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop in such a short amount of time. And its all thanks to you guys!

Christmas in St. George Utah

St. George Utah is a fun place to spend your holidays. St. George has a lot of fun attractions and activities for all ages. If you love looking at Christmas lights, watching the special Nativity scene or love shopping,then this is the place for you!

A St. George family recently won “The Great Christmas Light Fight” featured on ABC. The Kuhn family that won this Christmas light competition estimated that it took nearly 500,000 lights to decorate their house and yard. They are planning on holding another light show with snacks provided to raise donations for BACA. It will be held on December 19th at 6pm at 445 West Heritage Drive.

You can also visit the St. George LDS Temple and walk around the Temple grounds to see all of their fascinating lights and decorations. They also have a beautiful nativity scene outside in the front. This is a site you don’t want to miss out on!

Tuacahn always puts on a great show! Their nativity scene features live animals, fantastic lights and music! If you haven’t experience “Christmas in the Canyon”, then you need to this year!

Those are just a few activities going on in St. George this Christmas season. Be sure to stop by Discount Pawn in St. George for all of your Christmas needs! We have the absolute cheapest prices and lowest rates on short term loans! Whether you need a quick loan for presents or ideas for gifts, stop by Discount Pawn in St. George Utah!


Halloween at Discount Pawn in St. George

Halloween is typically a fun time for children who enjoy costumes and free candy, but did you know that this particular holiday dates back to nearly 2,000 years ago? The ancient Celtic civilization would light bonfires and dress up in costumes to scare off ghosts that might cause them harm. Since then, Halloween has now evolved into a festive, fun holiday where kids can enjoy the opportunity to dress up and collect free treats.

The Discount Pawn shop of St. George Utah is going give out candy to kids who dress up for Halloween. Be sure to bring your kids and stop by Discount Pawn!

-St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop!


A little history about St. George, Utah

St. George is a very unique city with an impressive history and background. Evidence shows that the Anasazi were most likely St. George Utah’s earliest residents.  They are said to have been living in the St. George area from approximately 200 B.C. to 1200 A.D.

In the mid 1800’s the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (also known as the Mormons) settled St. George Utah, which was named after the Mormon leader, George A. Smith.

Fast forward approximately 170 years and St. George now has a population of about 77,000 people, not counting the surrounding areas. St. George has a lot to offer, such as hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, shopping, restaurants, arcades and more! We are just a few hours away from Las Vegas, Lake Powell and Brian Head. It’s no wonder people love to retire here!

Stop by Discount Pawn while you are out exploring all of the fun things to do in St. George. We have a lot of fun and interesting things to look at and you won’t be disappointing in our customer service!

-St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop!


Benefits of buying pre-owned jewelry – St. George Pawn

Here at Discount Pawn in St. George Utah, we often get the question, “What are the benefits of buying pre-owned jewelry from a pawn shop?”. A lot of people still think jewelry that ends up in a pawn shop is from people that have gone through a nasty divorce. While that is the case on small occasions, a large selection of our jewelry is from people that have upgraded to something bigger and better, trade ins and items that just aren’t being worn or used. Diamonds are at the top of the Mohs hardness scale, so they will practically last forever, why pay a retail price when you can get the exact same thing for much much less at a pawn shop? That leads us into our next benefit: savings. Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying pre-owned jewelry is how inexpensive it can be. Customers can literally save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a single purchase when buying from Discount Pawn versus a retail jewelry store. Before I even worked at a pawn shop, I bought my wife’s engagement ring at a local pawn for $1500 and later found out that it appraised for $3900!

-St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop!


LCD vs LED vs Plasma – St. George Pawn

Discount Pawn in St. George always strives to help their customers understand the product they are buying from us or selling to us. We often hear customers ask what the difference is between LCD, LED and Plasma TVs are. Here are the differences:

LCD: Liquid crystal display. This technology is often used in notebooks and other smaller computers. LCD TVs often have great color and picture.

LED: This technology uses light-emitting diodes to backlight the display. Because LCD TVs use cold cathode fluorescent lights (CLFs), the LED TVs have the best color and picture.

Plamsa: In a plasma TV, the cells are a bit like tiny CFLs only coated with phosphors that are red, blue, or green. Their job is to take the invisible ultraviolet light produced by the neon or xenon gas in the cell and turn it into red, blue, or green light we can actually see.

-St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop!


Karat vs Carat

Karat is a unit of purity for gold, i.e. 24k, 18k, 14k and 10k.

Carat is a unit of weight for precious stones and pearls, now equivalent to 200 milligrams.

-St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop!



Gold and silver stamps and what they mean.

We had a customer ask us what some of the jewelry/precious metals mean.  Since pure gold is too soft for making jewelry it is combined with other metals to strengthen it.  Gold is measured in karats, 24 karat being the highest and most pure. Some of the more popular stamps and purities of gold are 18k/750 which is 75% gold, 14k/585 which is 58.5% gold and 10k/417 which is 41.7% gold.  The most popular silver stamp is either “Sterling” or “925” (they both mean the same thing). The 925 stamp simply means that it is 92.5% silver. You are now a precious metal specialist! Now, go home and check all of  your questionable jewelry that has been sitting in the dresser drawer!

-St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop!



So, when did pawn shops begin?

That is a good question. Although it is a little unclear as to when and where pawn shops actually began, there is evidence of pawnshops as early as the 5th century in China. Pawn shops have been around for many years financing expeditions, the poor, the wealthy and more. Much like today, pawn shops are used by all types of people in need of quick cash.

-St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop!