LCD vs LED vs Plasma – St. George Pawn

Discount Pawn in St. George always strives to help their customers understand the product they are buying from us or selling to us. We often hear customers ask what the difference is between LCD, LED and Plasma TVs are. Here are the differences:

LCD: Liquid crystal display. This technology is often used in notebooks and other smaller computers. LCD TVs often have great color and picture.

LED: This technology uses light-emitting diodes to backlight the display. Because LCD TVs use cold cathode fluorescent lights (CLFs), the LED TVs have the best color and picture.

Plamsa: In a plasma TV, the cells are a bit like tiny CFLs only coated with phosphors that are red, blue, or green. Their job is to take the invisible ultraviolet light produced by the neon or xenon gas in the cell and turn it into red, blue, or green light we can actually see.

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