Here at Discount Pawn in St. George Utah, we often get the question, “What are the benefits of buying pre-owned jewelry from a pawn shop?”. A lot of people still think jewelry that ends up in a pawn shop is from people that have gone through a nasty divorce. While that is the case on small occasions, a large selection of our jewelry is from people that have upgraded to something bigger and better, trade ins and items that just aren’t being worn or used. Diamonds are at the top of the Mohs hardness scale, so they will practically last forever, why pay a retail price when you can get the exact same thing for much much less at a pawn shop? That leads us into our next benefit: savings. Perhaps the biggest benefit of buying pre-owned jewelry is how inexpensive it can be. Customers can literally save hundreds and even thousands of dollars on a single purchase when buying from Discount Pawn versus a retail jewelry store. Before I even worked at a pawn shop, I bought my wife’s engagement ring at a local pawn for $1500 and later found out that it appraised for $3900!

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