Discount Pawn has quickly rose to become St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop! Thanks to our customers, of course.

But why is Discount Pawn the best? Why is everyone choosing Discount Pawn over all other pawn shops? The answer is so simple: We stick to the basics!

Discount Pawn doesn’t forget who keeps us in business. We know what works and we stick to it. So, what are the basics?

  • Customer service. This is the absolute most important concept of running a business. We value our customers over anything else. If you, as a customer, are unsatisfied, we will do all that we can to take care of you. We usually reply to emails outside of normal business hours. Our manager once replied to a desperate email of a customer who needed to get his power tools out before 5:00am the next morning, so he traveled 45 minutes from home to go open up the shop on a Sunday so that the customer could pick them up. Customer service is at the top of our agenda!
  • Honesty. This family owned business will deal with you in an honest way. You can count on us to treat you fair.
  • Speed. You won’t need worry about long lines and waiting for extended periods of times to complete a transaction. Granted, every once in a while we will be busier than normal, but you won’t find us standing around. We are here to serve our customers.
  • Great Prices. Discount Pawn is the only pawn shop that offers you TOP dollar AND sells items at the lowest prices! Our prices wont be beat!
  • Cleanliness. Here at Discount Pawn in St. George, you will find a happy, clean environment that we are constantly up keeping. We are not your typical, cluttered, dim-lit pawn shop.
  • 30 Day Store Credit Warranty. We understand that sometimes second hand items tend to not last that long, that is why we offer a 30 day in store credit warranty on most items. We want you to be happy with your product.
  • Giving Back to you. If you aren’t following us online (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc) then you need to! We are constantly giving away thousands of dollars worth of prizes! We have given away brand new guns, TVs, Silver coins, gift cards, store credit, DVDs, iPods and more! Again, we value you guys and we love to give back when we can.

Check out our online ratings. We have THE MOST POSITIVE RATINGS IN ALL OF UTAH for Pawn Shops. We have grown to be St. George Utah’s number one pawn shop in such a short amount of time. And its all thanks to you guys!

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